Frequently Asked Questions

What browser should I use to join the event?

For the best quality, we highly recommend using the latest version of Google Chrome or Safari to stream this event. Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge will not work If you’re unable to see the stream, please ensure you have adblockers and pop up blockers turned off and that you refresh your browser screen.

What’s the best device to use to watch the event?

You can watch the event from your mobile device, desktop computer, laptop or tablet. We recommend using your mobile device.

What internet speed is required to watch the event?

A minimum 20 mbps download speed is recommended for high definition viewing. If you can watch Netflix or YouTube in high definition on your Wi-Fi connection with no interruptions, you should be able to stream this event.

How can I turn on audio for the event?

At the start of the event, remember to click the volume button on your screen to hear the audio for the event.

How can I edit my username?

If you’d like to edit your username, you can do so by clicking your username in the top right corner of your screen.

How do I answer trivia questions?

Trivia questions will pop up either on the bottom of your screen on mobile or on the right hand of your screen on a desktop or laptop. Make sure you answer quick because there is a time limit to answer questions. Scroll down to see all answer options and click the one you think is correct to submit your answer.

How do I view the chat and leaderboard?

To see the chat, click the speech bubble icon. To see the leaderboard, click the trophy button.